#VoicesofWomen: It is the beauty of a woman to mould herself as per demand, writes Yamini Naga Satya Pilla, in her winning entry at VOW. Read On!

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The Goal Diggers

Women have a better sense of smell, so no wonder she knows when there’s something fishy coming their way!. Women are sagacious enough to avoid any outright confrontation. Never go for an argument with a woman because she’s far too quick-witted for an “argument”! Give her the right shoes and she can conquer the world! Give her a few compliments and she will easily be pacified! Give her a gold ring and she will ask you for a platinum ring! That’s how simple a woman is!!

Well, women are cautious about their conclusions, they think several times and consider several opinions before coming to the conclusions because they always will to have an obstacle-less journey.

She does not know what the future holds, but is still grateful for a slow and steady growth. They take failures as experiences, lessons from experiences and success as stepping stones to reach their ultimate goal!

Today, women came out of their comfort zones and working as hard as men. Thanks to all those who raised “Gender Equality” and fought for it. Though she can out-perform a male, she never intend to be as great as him. Because her intention is to be his backbone not to break his bone.

With talks and initiatives on women empowerment on rife 21st century provides women with ample opportunities to excel in whatever the field they choose.

They are making an efficient use of the opportunities given to them and proved again that they are no less than anyone.

Do they need bespoke skilling? Well, I would answer it as some do and some don’t.

Women don’t need a specific environment as they are adaptive to the changes, surroundings, and circumstances. This doesn’t mean that they have low standards rather it is the beauty of a woman to mould herself as per demand.

Men and women work side by side and tackle the same business problem. However, a significant share of women say that gender has been a factor in missed raises and promotions. Why is that so when they both are in the same boat? And for decades, careers in the tech industry and other STEM fields have not been so welcoming to women. There exists a huge gender gap between men and women in the STEM fields. This gap manifests itself through various aspects, including employment opportunities, leadership opportunities, wages, perceptions at the workforce and so on.

According to Adeva IT, as of 2018, women held only 25% of all the jobs in the tech industry, despite women making up almost half of the total workforce. And according to a Women In Tech report by PWC, among the students participating in the research, more boys opted for STEM subjects compared to girls. There are several reasons why girls are less likely to study the STEM subjects compared to boys. According to the report, some girls avoid STEM subjects because they don’t find them interesting. Some avoid because they don’t consider them to be relevant to the career paths they intend to choose. A few of them consider the Tech industry as a man’s world.

To start thinking and acting bigger, Forbes provided 8 ideas for how the tech industry and employers of IT talent can attract, retain and nurture more women technologists.

  1. Network outside our usual suspects

Every business today needs to broaden its recruitment networks to attract diverse talent.

2. Encourage company influencers and leaders to build more diverse networks

By supporting the groups and associations that empower women and other diverse talent pools, a company’s influencers expand and diversify the candidates who are discovering and seeking out the respective organization.

3. Remove Gender bias from Job Descriptions

It might be surprising to learn that the language and structure of job descriptions can be biased. Business leaders need to examine whether the job titles and pronouns are gender-neutral.

4. Build Women-Centric mentoring and training programs

With women outnumbered in technology workplaces, training and mentorship programs that focus on the needs of women can be a way to create more support and recognition of women’s career goals and potential.

5. Watch for Unintentional Exclusion

The Business managers need to ensure if team-building or social events organized through peer groups or teams are excluding women or diverse colleagues.

6. Increase Communications training

Good communications training for all employees can improve the overall work environment, reducing the likelihood of harassment and misunderstandings.

7. Give everyone at the table a voice

The fact is, not every manager is good at sensing imbalance in team communications. Having other leaders sit in on meetings can help identify issues they might not see.

8. Champion women colleagues’ achievements

Let women and the business know how important their contributions are to the company’s success. Showcase their work and achievements with awards and recognition that demonstrate to the entire organization that women are valued and that their efforts matter.

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Author: Yamini Naga Satya Pilla is a student at DVR & Dr. HS MIC College of Technology and is one of the Popular Choice Award Winners of VOW(VoicesofWomen), an annual women focused blogging contest presented by We-Ace, powered by IBM

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