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“I’d highlight three things leaders should think about as they build sustainable, high performance organisations: The first is to build diverse teams. The second point is to ensure psychological safety. Lastly, flexibility.

Jo Keiko Terasawa, Head of Inclusion and Equity Program, APAC, Google, sharing her take on the latest industry trends for leaders with ETHRWorld International.

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We’ve been combatting unconscious bias at its source.

Our Diversity Hiring training programs are carefully curated to equip recruiters to foster inclusivity in hiring, and create equitable experiences for all employees.

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Wellness at work could be your key to higher employee productivity.

Build a resilient workforce with programs to improve well-being of employees, enhance productivity, and create a positive workplace.

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A program to mould individuals into remarkable coaches. Nominate potential talent, eager to enhance their coaching abilities and drive change.

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We present to you Spotlight, our initiative introducing extraordinary leaders who are changing the world. You can view podcast here.

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