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3 min readAug 3, 2023



Welcome to another edition of The Pulse, where we keep you updated on all that’s happening in our world.

Today, we celebrate a culture of women supporting each other in career advancement, boosting confidence, achieving work-life balance, and inspiring risk-taking.

We have invited two senior HR leaders, Gabriella Planojevic and Shaheen Lakdawalla, to share their personal experiences, practical strategies, and insights on fostering a culture of support and collaboration among women at work.

Here are some interesting insights from the session :

  • Women don’t support women is truly a stereotype. Raising each other up and channeling the power of collaboration is truly something that changes the narrative and beats the very stereotype.
  • Being a sounding board, challenging some limiting beliefs, nudging each other to take the leap are some great ways to mitigate such stereotypes and truly support each other.
  • Knowing your success, owning your success is the secret sauce. Great leadership has no decided gender. One needs to play their own roles.
  • Being confident in the woman that you are, and remember that you are more capable than you are, and always learn to show up!

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