5 Shark Tank Episodes to inspire the Entrepren-Her in you!

There is no dearth of female talents in India and reality tv series have been living proof. Shows that premiere inspiring stories putting the spotlight on strong female leads is empowering and uplifting isn’t it. No wonder Shark Tank India has remained the talk of the town ever since its debut. Well, our desi audience is clearly binging on the reality show as it still remains trending on the microblogging site. The series has made quite an impression-changing discussion in Indian Households.

The show has been a game-changer for budding entrepreneurs where we got to see the participation of many women entrepreneurs coming up with brilliant business pitches. From presenting sun-dried homemade spicy pickles, herbal teas to funky apparel, we are already flabbergasted with innovative ideas. If this doesn’t create a buzz among aspiring entrepreneurs then what will? Let’s be honest, we are all down for #vocalforlocal.

Here are ‘pitcher-perfect’ stories of five striking women from the popular Reality TV series Shark Tank India who are inspiring millions to follow their dreams. Read on!

  1. Kalpana Jha and Uma Kumari founder of Jha Ji store:

The nanad-bhabhi duo from Darbhanga, Bihar is winning the internet and became hugely popular after they pitched their business on the show. Bringing a taste of India to the reality tv series, the dynamic duo wowed the judges with their simplicity and dedication. Their venture JhaJi stores deal with traditional homemade aromatic achar and chutneys using the secret recipes handed by their grandmothers. Coming from a remote location of the country overcoming all the hurdles, the sisters-in-law have set a benchmark in the world of homegrown business. Of course, opening doors of possibilities for others to follow.

2. Malvica Saxsena, founder of The Quirky Nari:

Anything but make it funky, Malvica Saxsena is re-writing the rules of fashion with a quirky touch. Donned in a pop of colors from her lifestyle and apparel brand ‘The Quirky Nari’, the girl has already dazzled the audience with her out-of-the-box designs. From customized bridal sneakers to hand-painted denim she is giving us major girl boss vibes.

3. Ananya and Anushree Maloo, founder of Nuutjob:

Making a clean sweep in gender diversity, the Maloo sisters from Ahmedabad are steering the wheel of change in business. The duo founded the startup ‘Nuutjob’ that helps men to keep their intimates clean. These budding entrepreneurs clearly do not take no for an answer and are scripting a new age fairy tale for young girls to follow. Keep it up!

4. Riya Khattar, founder of Heart Up My Sleeves

Nothing but innovation, Riya Khattar founder of the startup ‘Heart Up My Sleeves’ is here just to up the glam quotient. If you are all about fashion and games then this girl will give your wardrobe a chic makeover. Without making a dent in your pocket the business owner is offering a sustainable twist to your look. They offer detachable statement sleeves that can actually oomph up any boring outfit. Her brand also offers capes and brooches to compliment any attire.

Wait, what? Isn’t that a dream if you are on a budget but still high fashion. Damn!

5. Aishwarya Biswas, founder of Auli Lifestyle

Impressive personality and strong wit, Aishwarya Biswas is certainly giving us major #lifegoal vibes. With rich dreams and a clear vision, she went on to build a successful wellness brand that deals with self-care products. Who doesn’t like to enhance their looks with the right blend? Her venture Auli Lifetsyle deals with Ayurvedic cosmetic products which are natural and gluten-free. Selflove every day!

Dreams are a reality and these power-packed ladies are setting groundbreaking examples. Let’s guess you are just a decision away from your dream life, wouldn’t you want to take a leap of faith and make it happen?.

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Author : Vairabi Rajbonshi (Vairabi works as an independent writer at We-Ace and actively writes on Women Empowerment!)



The agents of change for gender balanced workplaces. Offering accelerated career experiences for women by Enabling, Engaging and Employing.

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The agents of change for gender balanced workplaces. Offering accelerated career experiences for women by Enabling, Engaging and Employing.