4 things you may not be doing as a Woman Returnee looking for job

4 min readJun 6, 2022


While the decision of returning to work may seem easier but the transition period from a long break into work mode might need a little bit of work. Even surveys depict how female employees returning to work face different challenges while upgrading their careers after a hiatus.

Well, the good thing is there’s always a way to break free from a puzzle. While transforming your break into something genuine may take some effort, here’s something for you to think about. Read On!

4 things you may not be doing as a Woman Returnee:

1) Not networking enough: Often, when we get caught up in our priorities, it is natural to lose social connections. Now that you are back and ready, reach out to your associates and re-start networking with them. Let’s embrace the fact that climbing up the corporate ladder needs connections, and references too. It will help you stay close to people offering you fresh perspectives.

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2) Not seeking guidance: Returning back to work after a break can seem overwhelming and daunting. But that shouldn’t stop you from working on your dreams. You should know that mentors and coaches work as great resources who will provide you with unbiased advice helping you advance in your career. They can assist you in honing your skills and working on your flaws.

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3) Not updating your profile: It’s okay to show a gap in your resume while you were busy with some personal commitments, and responsibilities. Instead, take it as an opportunity to showcase all the experiences, and skills you have acquired during this break. There are enough corporates in the market that are actively looking for Women Returnees like you. So update your profile now and jot down everything that includes your ethics and capabilities. After updating it, please don’t keep it lying on your computer, better post it on a recruitment platform. Tell them you are back in business!

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4) Not Upskilling: Yes, the world is rapidly changing and yes you can be the best version of yourself and ace your way into a successful career by keeping up with the trends. You will be thrilled to know that several companies are increasingly focusing on skills-based hiring. Get your chances of employment and start upskilling.

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Author : Vairabi Rajbonshi (Vairabi works as an independent writer at We-Ace and actively writes on Women Empowerment!)




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